Improve Your Life With H. Augustus Taylor, Ph. D.

Lifestyle change, couples therapy and stress management in Westfield, NJ

Are you experiencing a lot of stress that is negatively affecting your life? Do you and your partner need competent relationship advice and therapy? H. Augustus Taylor, Ph. D., offers a mixed practice of both therapy sessions and hypnosis treatment for individuals and couples in the Westfield, New Jersey area. He has been in the medical industry since 1977 and is fully licensed in psychology.

How H. Augustus Taylor will help you

A psychiatrist is skilled in working with particular problems that affect different groups of people. Therefore, H. Augustus Taylor is adamant about helping each individual depending on his or her needs. He’ll provide you with specific therapy to help you resolve your life hindrances. His services include:

  • Assessing your state of mind and learning about your past experiences, family, culture, surroundings and work life
  • Diagnosing any risk factors or mental illnesses that are affecting your life
  • Using a range of psychological treatments such as hypnosis and therapy sessions


Committed to keeping you well in Westfield, New Jersey

H. Augustus Taylor, Ph. D., strives to help you with stress, depression, marital issues and bad behaviors or habits. He’ll offer practical ways of dealing with an illness and how to stay well. Through hypnosis and cognitive therapy, you’ll notice mental and physical changes within weeks. Call 908-654-9700 and let H. Augustus Taylor help you recover and get back your life.